Our state-of-the-art equipment and skilled machinists consistently produce quality machined goods to the tightest tolerances. We work with all types of plastics and most grades of metal (including CRS, HRS, stainless, copper, brass, alloys, aluminum, and tool steels).

Design and Manufacturability Consulting

Designing a product for functionality and performance is the all-important starting point for any project. Making a component manufacturable at a target cost is the second step that assures long term viability. The wealth of materials and machining experience our staff possesses makes Lake Country Corporation an ideal partner. Insuring manufacturability and managing final cost to a realistic target is our strong suite.

File Interchange

Design files are typically developed in Solid Works, AutoCad or other common programs. Lake Country Corporation can easily handle files from the most popular programs, and we keep the latest versions of these packages up to date on our engineering systems. There is no wasted time translating and testing files, we handle it all.

Process Control

We are constantly adding new equipment, tooling and computer upgrades to stay at the forefront of machining technology. Our process control systems mean that product is delivered to your dock on-time and on-budget.

Quality Control

Our commitment to providing parts per our customer's requirements is very strong. The best approach to quality is to do it right the first time. Our sales, programming, and production staff work closely together to insure that parts are designed and produced to specified tolerances from the beginning.